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The fashion industry and livestock agriculture are two of the most polluting and destructive sectors. Together, they’re responsible for roughly 30% of global carbon emissions, over 80% of worldwide deforestation, and over 600 million tons of waste every year.

Much like your favorite fashion item should rejuvenate your soul, we believe that fashion should rejuvenate the natural world, not deplete it. Below you’ll find some of the ways we align our practices with this belief.

Circularity: Our leather and vegan belts are crafted with the intention—to stay in circulation and avoid landfills and incinerators. We utilize plant-based fibers, package in biodegradable bags & boxes, and recover our scraps along the way. We also partner with leading waste management companies to maximize to ensure our materials are properly repurposed and/or recycled at every stage of production.

Durability: We design leather and vegan belts that transcend fads and withstand the wear and tear of a vibrant lifestyle. The specialized attention to detail we give every single one of our belts gives it an average life greater than most belt producers.

Transparency: Our entire supply chain is public and traceable. You can learn more about every single item—from our threads to our screws—.


Accountability: To ensure our values are not just a marketing ploy, we maintain several third-party certifications (ANIMAL-FREE, CRUELTY-FREE, ETI BASE CODE) that require regular site visits and evaluations.

Efficiency: We’re in the process of selecting and installing solar panels on our buildings. In the meantime, we utilize ecological water coolers, air recycling aspirators, energy-saving heating equipment, and low-energy light fixtures.

Local Production: Our 100% MADE IN ITALY promise not only guarantees Italian excellence, but it also minimizes the emissions that would otherwise be required to import our materials from all over the world. We select our Italian suppliers based on their commitment to environmental resiliency.

Tracking: We continuously monitor the efficiency of our machinery to identify new opportunities to employ innovative energy technologies. In the future, we hope to share Sustainability Reports that include these numbers and our progress throughout the years.


Sustainability has been woven into every seam of our operations since the idea of FAP ITALIA materialized, and we hope to inspire our community—from our devoted customers to the rest of the fashion industry—to embody the same ethos.

Our philosophy is built upon unwavering respect for the planet and all who inhabit it, infusing honesty, integrity, equity, and transparency into every aspect of our existence. These fundamental values distinguish us from our competition—and our past—and are reinforced through the tangible initiatives outlined below.

hands on leather


In an industry where over 95% of workers do not receive a living wage and are forced into unsafe & unethical conditions, we’re passionate about empowering artisans and inspiring the rest of the industry to do the same. We not only want to keep the art of hand craftsmanship alive—we want our makers to feel proud, safe, and secure.

Our labor practices follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, a globally-recognized set of labor standards built upon ILO
conventions that ensure.

  • Employment is freely chosen.

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected.

  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic.

  • Child labor shall not be used.

  • Living wages are paid.

  • Working hours are not excessive.

  • No discrimination is practiced.

  • Regular employment is provided.

  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.


Our production methods inherently stimulate the local Italian economy, as we source and produce all of our products and materials domestically.

For our new line of VEGAN belts, we have selected BANCA ETICA for financial management, which is known for its commitment to transparency, corporate social responsibility, and fair & sustainable finance.

We are committed to pursuing environmental partnerships, beginning with our collaboration with TREEDOM. A percentage of proceeds from our new collection will be used to plant trees in the Amazon Rainforest, a critical component of the global carbon cycle and the fight against climate change.

Money Plant


Our practices align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we use these keystones as a compass to guide and course-correct our sustainability journey.

Life on Land
Our brand is built upon our passion to advocate for human rights, animal protection, regenerative practices, responsible forest management, and ecosystem restoration.

Responsible Consumption & Production
By seeking sustainable materials, practices, and partnerships, we set a standard for the rest of the industry—and support conscious consumers around the world.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
We will never settle. We continue to embrace innovation to cultivate resilient production processes, sustainable infrastructure, and leading industry standards.

Partnerships for the Goals
We only collaborate with those who share our vision and values to make the world a better place for all.

Climate Action
We continue to take measurable (and transparent) steps to fight climate change through initiatives, practices, and partnerships.

Reduced Inequalities
By promoting equality in our workplace and community, we inspire the industry, country, and world to follow suit.

Gender Equality
As a brand distinguished by artisan craft—and co-founded by a driven woman —we seek to empower women and girls around the world to achieve their full potential.

Decent Work & Economic Growth:
Through our ETI certification, we provide inclusive, productive, and safe employment for all of our workers.

Affordable & Clean Energy
By prioritizing green energy and efficiency, we provide our employees with access to reliable, sustainable energy and reduce our footprint in the process.

Life Below Water
While our processes directly protect life above water, they inadvertently protect life underwater—minimizing plastics, microplastics, harmful chemicals, emissions, and overall waste throughout our entire production process.

While the remaining SDGs do not apply directly to our operations, we keep them in mind to guide our growth, remind us of our mission, and help us choose our future collaborations and charitable partnerships.


No Poverty: empowering communities and ending the poverty cycle across the globe

Zero Hunger: promoting food security and sustainable agriculture
Good Health & Well-being: promoting holistic wellness for all

Quality Education: supporting lifelong learning that is equitable and inclusive

Clean Water & Sanitation: ensuring availability and practicing water stewardship
Sustainable Cities & Communities: supporting our cities and communities with equitable & sustainable practices

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions: promoting justice by focusing resources on underserved communities


FAP ITALIA's 2023 Collection is 100% MADE IN ITALY, and 100% TRACEABLE throughout the entire supply chain.


VIRIDIS is the core material for our VEGAN belts; it’s 69% biobased, derived from corn and FSC certified viscose, making it the GREENEST product among synthetic fabrics. It’s 43% corn polyols, 26% FSC certified viscose, and 31% normal PU.

TINGILEDER by GIRBA S.R.L. is the airbrush & hand-painted, giving our VEGAN belts a brilliant finish without masking natural veins, surfaces, and textures.

FENICE HS 5750 is the high-quality edge ink that creates a smooth & sealed matte finish.

ECOSTICK ® 9009 is our strong, resistant, and stable water-based adhesive. It’s free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), minimizing human risk, atmospheric pollution, and overall emissions.

PLATINUM ECO GREEN is the durable, GRS-certified threading. The water-resistant, PFC-free version avoids per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals to reduce environmental harm.

FLORA ECO-FRIENDLY is the natural, recyclable paper we use for our labels and color cards. It contains FSC-certified paperboard, cotton fibers, and post-consumer.

F. & G. S.R.L. manufactures the buckles for our men’s vegan belts

FIM ITALIA manufactures the buckles for our women’s vegan belts.

DELTA ITALIA 2 manufactures the screws that align with our philosophy to fuse traditional techniques with advanced technology to create the finest products with the greatest attention to detail.

hand measuting leather
Cardboard Boxes


OUR PACKAGING is produced in a factory that complies with the labor regulations established by the European Union and reduces toxins and pollutants through optimized production processes.

OUR BOXES are recycled cardboard that is both FSC-certified and PEFC-certified, meaning it originates from sustainably-managed forests and allows us to participate in the conservation of the world’s forests actively.

OUR TAPE is natural, compostable, and biodegradable, made with brown-coated paper, natural rubber glue, and water-based ink.

OUR LABELS are printed on recycled paper with non-toxic ink.


OUR BAGS are natural, compostable, and biodegradable


ZUCCHETTI GIOVANNI & FIGLI SRL handles our recycling management operations. Their advanced technologies and family-style management allow them to uphold regulations, maintain direct relationships with their clients, and maintain particular attention to detail.

SAFETY KLEEN handles the disposal and recycling of plastic packaging, as their high-quality operations ensure they remain in compliance with the Waste Framework Directive and support their clients in achieving ISO 14001 accreditation.



EDIT WEB AGENCY designed our website.

BEPPE BUTTINONI captures our stunning product images.

99DESIGNS designs our brand visuals, including logos, landing pages, and labels. 

(with English translations and Copy by Jordan)

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