Production System

The production cycle begins with the careful selection of leathers from the leading Italian tanneries: our years of experience enable us to assess how this natural material will react to our processes and we select only the best.

Production is carried out with cutting-edge machines and specialist personnel, with all activity organised according to the Toyota Production System.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a production system invented by Toyota that reduces waste and downtime: we have been able to adapt it to our type of production with excellent results.
Using agile production lines, we can work on one item at a time in a continuous flow, and this enables us to combine craftsmanship with the large quantities required by the market: the quality of work is checked in real time, enabling any errors to be corrected immediately.

Thanks to TPS we have:

increased production

exponentially improved quality

maintained the same prices as 10 years ago

minimised the number of defective items.