About Us

We’ve been specialists in creating high quality leather belts since 1985. From that time on we’ve continued to instil the care, passion and love of an artisanal craftsman into all our work.

Traditional hand craftsmanship combines with innovative processes and technology to meet the demand of international supply: every day we create 3,500 exquisitely-made belts, each one finished with the greatest attention to detail.

Our work is the purest distillation of Made In Italy luxury, and for this reason our products have been selected by some of the world’s most exclusive luxury good producers and many other well-known prestigious brands with worldwide distribution.
Our journey of improvement continues today in 4.0 technology. We have invested in a cutting-edge machinery park and process innovation, but without losing sight of our core values: artisan craftsmanship and creativity in making new models and designs. These are the features that distinguish Italian manufacturing from the rest of the world.

Italian excellence, throughout the world.
We create luxury using artisanal techniques, crafting belts of unrivalled quality and timeless charm. We produce artisan craftsmanship on a big scale, creating 3,500 exquisitely-made belts every day, each one finished with outstanding attention to detail.


Pure Italian

We are 100% Italian, from our raw materials through to production, from the quality of our products to our imagination.


We adopt the latest production methods to constantly improve our output.


The world of fashion is constantly evolving and we are ready for change, anticipating trends and integrating 4.0 technology.


We’ve been creating quality leather belts since 1985.


The wellbeing of our workers and building relationships based on trust and mutual respect have always been our priority.

We want to create a stimulating working environment for our craftspeople because it’s their hands that bring our vision to life: we carry out their training internally and continuously monitor their work to ensure the highest quality production standards and the safety of our employees.

We invest in innovations that enhance both the quality of our work and the lives of our workers. All our processes are facilitated by 4.0 technology, improving the standardisation of our production and enabling our craftspeople to concentrate on all the important aspects that make every single belt unique, while minimising the risk of workplace accidents.

We take a socially responsible approach in our relationships with suppliers, too, evaluating tanneries on their eco-sustainability scores and quality certifications.

We believe in the value of community and promote initiatives that support people with disabilities, the elderly and disadvantaged young people.

Hand Painted Belts

​Traditional hand craftsmanship combines with innovative technology to share the essence of Italy worldwide